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Coyote Mesa
FFRU 242



J.B Scully-DRCO, USDOC Colonel(Fmr, Army Ranger/Texas Ranger)

Rudy Boesch-Leader, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Captain(Fmr Navy Seal)

John Skurlock-Team XO, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant(Fmr Delta Force)

Rick Slater-Gunner, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant(Fmr Navy Seal)

Nash Lee-Assaulter, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant(Fmr Army Ranger)

"Dingo" Stryker-Sniper, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant(Fmr Aussie SAS)

Nate Ryan-Assaulter, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant(Fmr SWAT officer, Blackwater, Texas)

Dale Edwards-Sniper, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant(Fmr SWAT sniper, Houston, Texas)

Jason Lighthorse-Assaulter/Breacher, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant (Fmr Ranger, Special Forces)

James "Swede" Hansen-Assaulter/RTO, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Lieutenant (Fmr Marine Force Recon)

Jimmy Schofield-Assaulter/Jungle Instructor, Team MUSTANG, USDOC Sergeant (Fmr Green Beret)

Scott "Timberwolf" Grey-Kestrel Pilot, VUOA-33: "The Fighting Falcons", USDOC Lieutenant (Fmr Marine Aviator)

Jim Parish-Range Instructor/Armorer/Desert Ops Instructor, Headquarters, USDOC Captain (Fmr SWAT Armorer, Blackwater, Texas)

(All of the troops pull shifts in administration)

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